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Taurus - Sagittarius Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Taurus with Sagittarius

Astrosapna says that Taurus will always want to be domineering in this relationship. He/she would always like take all decisions about almost everything. Taurus would also expect Sagittarius to follow his decisions and suggestions without any qualms. This will not be acceptable by Sagittarius who would value his freedom and choice over everything else. This can lead to a combined feeling of being trapped and overpowered. This misguided match can create lots of emotional mess in life of both the signs. The diverse and varying speed of thinking and perception will make this combination full of plenty of confrontations. Taurus will aspire for attaining the virtues such as dedication and loyalty, says Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Taurus with Sagittarius

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna says that Taurus should readily participate in all romantic rendezvous that Sagittarius has to proffer else he/she will find someone else. Taurus and Sagittarius will enjoy a wonderful romantic life together as both burgeon with highly romantic souls thus enjoying amazing aspects of love and romance. Sagittarius might behave with inhibitions while romantic experimentation. This is going to fuel up Taurus to strengthen their passion altogether. Taurus will always prevent Sagittarius from having a roving eye. The romantic compatibility between Sagittarius and Taurus is going to be immediate. It will spark off with a mysterious element that is bound to enthrall both the signs with powerful emotion of love and passion, says Astrosapna.

Matrimonial Compatibility 

Astrosapna is of opinion that Sagittarius possesses almost no inclination towards domestic talents that are mandatory to be present a marital life whereas Taurus has plenty of domestic abilities to boast off. Sagittarius will be pretty happy to find great talent of housekeeping for him/her. Sagittarians will stance their marital life on attitude of independence and spontaneity. This won’t go down very well with Taurus. Sagittarius will not be able to provide the assurance and comfort that Taurus will always seek in their marriage. During domestic decisions, both Taurus and Sagittarius will be almost immovable in their respective opinions, says Astrosapna. Sagittarius has tendency to change and adapt easily under any domestic pressure

Career Compatibility Of Taurus with Sagittarius

Astrosapna is of opinion that during professional deals and business transactions, Sagittarius will tend to push the ambitions of Taurus up to the extent of success and profitability. The determination of Taurus will get coupled by innovation of Sagittarius and the duo will achieve whatever they aim for. Taurus, who is materialistic by nature, can handle even the toughest professional situations with ease and expertise. His sensibility will make him increase his wealth and build stability. In fact both should avoid irking each other. After working plenty hard, both Taurus and Sagittarius will love to celebrate their success with majesty and style, suggests Astrosapna.

Sexual Compatibility Of Taurus with Sagittarius

This zodiac combination can have a good compatibility on the sexual graph provided both of them try to complement, rather than try to change each other, quotes Astrosapna. Taurus enjoys sitting at home rather than socializing like Sagittarius. The sexual compatibility will be really wonderful if the Bull tries to balance the impulsiveness of the Archer. Clashes may arise due harshness and her timidity in physical contact, whenever they come near. In spite of several hurdles this compatibility may work quite well. A very nice thing about the sexual compatibility of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman is that it may work out to be high on passion quotient. Overall the compatibility is fine that makes this match a love match, predicts Astrosapna.

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