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Property dispute

 Bring the uncertainty and anxiety prevailing in your mind for property disputes to an end.

Tackle the property issues and disputes wisely and smartly. Consult our extra ordinary experts to obtain best solution related to such stressful property disputes. 

Price: ₹1800.00

Delivery: 7 Days

Q1. How will my order be processed?

Ans: The astrosapna.com Team of astrologers, headed by jyotish acharya sapnaji, will be processing your order. The process followed by us is such that all orders are double checked before being delivered to you. This is because your order is processed and double checked by our team and jyotishacharya sapnaji will personally look into your horoscope and the report prepared by us.

Q2. Will remedies like gemstones and yantras be prescribed?

Ans: Yes, remedies form an integral part of the astrological guidance provided by us to each customer. We do provide a recommendation for the gemstone or yantra that you need to solve your problem. Also our Store section lists authentic gemstones and yantras which can be delivered worldwide.

Q3. Puja has been adviced to me ?

Ans: Puja forms a very important part of vedic remedies. When done in the prescribed manner following all rituals of performing vedic puja lead by a team of highly trained pundits in this field with all knowledge of Sanskrit , divine knowledge of mantra. All the proceeding are over looked by jyotish acharya sapnaji herself . For more on puja kindly look into the FAQ’S SECTION.

About The Astrosapna.com Team

1. Under the guidance of jyotish acharya sapnaji, having in depth understanding and knowledge of all the aspects of astrology and astrology products including gems and yantra.

2. Continuous efforts being put in by the team to upgrade their understanding of astrology by participation in conferences, lectures. Forums, debates, etc. and doing research.

3. The team provides personalized attention to each customer’s order with a view to making a positive difference to his/her life.

Excellent Customer Care

1. A dedicated team to ensure a highly responsive service aimed at resolving queries to the customer’s advantage

2. Excellent communication and problem solving skills to ensure best service at all times.

3. A deep understanding of products to help customers select the most suitable products for their queries.

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