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Libra - Aquarius Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Libra with Aquarius

Astrosapna says that Libra’s are opposites in practically every other way and both the natives will dislike each other’s personalities when they get close. Libra is interested in the world. Aquarius likes to get involved in things, likes to philosophize about things and interested in justice and social causes. An emotion looks like bondage to the Aquarius but what the Libra has in mind for him is closer to service. The personalities of both the natives are just too different for this match to work out. This is brought out in a relationship between Libra and Aquarius, and his/her words of criticism can really hurt confidence of Libra, suggests Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Libra with Aquarius

Love Compatibility

The Romantic Compatibility between Libra’s and Aquarians shows intimacy and passionate moments which may attract each other. Astrosapna is of opinion that a lot of effort is required on both sides to make this romantic relationship a success. Both Libra and Aquarians are mental signs rather than emotional, but Virgo looks on the darker side of life while Aquarius is imaginative and optimistic. The physical attraction between these two natives is going to be of mediocre level with fireworks sometimes. Libra and Aquarians will be attracted to one another; they are zodiac opposite which means that it can be bad as well as good connection romantically, says Astrosapna.

Matrimonial Compatibility 

The marital compatibility of Libra and Aquarius is promising if handled with care and concern. Astrosapna is of opinion that one thing is evident from their native chart that the duo makes a great marital combination. While the liveliness of Libra trickles with attraction for the emotionally charged Aquarian. The first time the two meet which each other, the sparks are bound to fly. Both of them will enjoy laughing and joking together thus keeping bonded as ever. Aquarius will be rather captivated by initiatives taken by Libra to keep their marriage fresh and pepped up. On the other hand, Aquarius will keep the wild and adventures nature of Libra under check, says Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Libra with Aquarius

Sometimes Libra's pride may be injured due to Aquarius flak nature, suggests Astrosapna. A good business relation may develop if a Libra will respect Aquarius’s liberty and discreteness and Aquarius understand his/her need for business freedom. Also the professional compatibility of Libra’s and Aquarians match works well. Their unique talents may encourage them to cherish the great chances of profitability in their professional life. This combo will work if they trust and respect each other. The relationship has a good start but may end up in a different manner. Astrosapna says that Aquarius has a sarcastic nature that may boil the criticism in Libra.

Sexual Compatibility Of Libra with Aquarius

Astrologically speaking, in the sexual compatibility is strengthened by their similar outlook in life. A Libra will adore the creativity of an Aquarian, who will in turn revere a Libra’s independence, quotes Astrosapna. But, their unpredictable nature can invite some problems in their sexual compatibility. This match can be truly called a compatible match. They appreciate the qualities in each other. Both Libra and Aquarius love change and variety. Astrosapna is of opinion that they both are intellectual and love to engage in conversations which are meaningful. A Libra and Aquarius share a great physical chemistry. They both will not only be good partners but also good friends. They both will be moved and inspired by each other.

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