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Leo - Taurus Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Leo with Taurus

Astrosapna says that the emotions of both the signs are going to be diverse in their nature. The Taurus will feel bad, though when Leo will demonstrate his evasive and shifty emotions. While Taurus will be of sacrificing and giving nature, expecting same out of Leo also, Leo will never want to abandon his treasured spotlight. When it will come to choice between being with Taurus and being at the crux of excitement, Leo will always go for exhilaration, quotes Astrosapna. In short, the emotional association of this combination is not going to be of very promising. The two natives need to be very flexible in order to make this relationship work.

Love Compatibility Of Leo with Taurus

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna says that both Taurus and Leo are of unchanging temperaments, so no one out of them will relent during love tiffs. Leo considers that he or she has innate right to be the leader in all matters including those of heart also. Although Taurus will be loving and affectionate enough but would expect same from Leo. While Taurus will spend with great concern and care during their dating, Leo will splurge thoughtlessly and will expect lavish gift exchanging. Taurus will be extremely cautious and deliberate and Leo will be expansive and extravagant. During intimate moments of love and romance, Leo will expect Taurus to worship him/her, quotes Astrosapna.

Matrimonial Compatibility 

Astrosapna says that the physical bonding, as perceived in the marriage, between these two natives is going to be hot and magnetic. A lot of passion will keep them together for a good measure of time. In their marriage, Taurus won’t mind taking the back seat. The marital compatibility can be wonderful because Leo’s warmth, vitality and showmanship will get a great platform through the solidarity of Taurus. Leo must consider this marriage is a two-way lane where no one ought to get too self-absorbed. Although Taurus will feel elusive considering his unfulfilled desire of emotional satisfaction, still he/she should give enough time and consideration to the passionate nature of Leo, suggests Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Leo with Taurus

Astrosapna says that this is primarily done to nurture his large pride. In professional liaison, Taurus will be drawn and impressed by their loyalty. Leo will also render the required security to the professional front that is always needed.  Both Taurus and Leo have common virtues of strong determination and power of decision making. Leo will love to have attention from his clients. On the other hand Taurus will be slow and silent in his moves and will hardly be showy. Some work related problems might arise due to their personal dispositions and incongruity, quotes Astrosapna. Although Taurus are usually spendthrift as they do not like to shed money on useless reasons. But Leo partner will always be ready to spend for all frivolous reasons.

Sexual Compatibility Of Leo with Taurus

Strong determination and decision making power are the common characteristics found in both of them. Leo loves to have the attention and on the contrary Taurus always finds a safe place among the near and dear ones. Some problems may arise due to their personal dispositions and incompatibility, quotes Astrosapna. But love and passion are the areas where their compatibility is in a great position. Both are dynamic and energetic creatures so they both should work out the problems in their physical domain. This sexual compatibility is not a very bad combination as both will continue to bestow each other with love, affection and devotion. The thing which strengthens the compatibility of this match is their passion. Their sexual quotient is high on the love chart as they think that they are made for each other, says Astrosapna.

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