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Leo - Gemini Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Leo with Gemini

Astrosapna says that the only problem with Gemini is that he/she might indulge into flirting that can go upto extent of philandering ways. Only if this habit of Gemini is checked and he is dealt with love and affection, the emotional compatibility between Gemini and Leo can be promising and capable. So deep and profound is going to be the emotional scenario between the duo that either they are going to be completely into each other or simply too far and apart. Seldom there is going to be a normal or mediocre situation between them, quotes Astrosapna. But one thing is for sure that the association of these two signs is always going to be stimulating.

Love Compatibility Of Leo with Gemini

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna says that whenever Gemini will make his/her annoyance clear in a ridiculous way then Leo will be really annoyed. Leo will always be demanding more admiration and adulation than Gemini is willing to give. But the romantic equation of both Gemini and Leo will be really exciting as they won’t pay attention to menial issues. Both will be so occupied with their desires and passions that they will be all soaked up into their romantic life day and night. In physical perceptions, Leo will be involved whole heartedly. The changeable romantic needs of Gemini will be out of comprehension to Leo, quotes Astrosapna.

Matrimonial Compatibility 

Astrosapna says that the couple will easily interact and interrelate with each other. This marriage will successfully fulfill all the aspectual needs to large extent. There would be certain instances when Leo would like to dominate a situation and act a little bossy over Gemini. The couple must respect each other’s need and requirement of attention and give ample spotlight. They must complement each other in a healthy way thus make this marriage work. Although Leo will be hard taskmasters in domestic issues, Gemini will be flexible and adjustable. Suggests Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Leo with Gemini

Astrosapna is of opinion that their professional association can be very interesting. But, the wide-ranging interests of Gemini in business and professional matters may ignite jealousy in Leo. Leos would prefer going for those projects or ventures where the profitability will be for long term. This is on contrary to what Gemini wants. The Gemini want to gab every business opportunity he/she can lay hand on irrespective of its durability or sustainability. Astrosapna says that Gemini will also often hurt Leo due to his sharp verbal retorts. To sustain the professional compatibility of this combination, they must harmonize each other and never take an opposing side against each other.

Sexual Compatibility Of Leo with Gemini

Astrologically speaking, a Gemini and a Leo like to have fun and are adventurous within their physical domains. This match will like to be in each other's company. Their conversations may be very interesting. Leos are more capable of forming long-lasting bonds than Gemini. Leo's fragile ego may get hurt by Gemini razor sharp tongue even during their intimate moments. As per the Astrosapna, this match of a Gemini and a Leo has good chances of sexual compatibility. They would mutually like meeting strangers and love going to parties. This sexual relationship will be filled with romance and passion. To maintain the compatibility of this relationship they will have to complement each other and never stand on the opposite side of the road. Infact, a great degree of compatibility reflects in the physical relationship of Gemini and Leo, suggests Astrosapna.

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