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Cancer - Gemini Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Cancer with Gemini

Astrosapna says that Cancer will be extremely emotional and his/her feelings will be very innate and inherent. Gemini will rather take logical approach towards life that will be despised by Cancer as cold and bitter traits. After they will see the true emotional and feelings of each other, their attraction and magnetism will get wear off quickly. Often both will be prone to fits of depression and feel low due to their mismatched preferences. They would blame each other for their clashes rather than coming to be root of the issue. Cancer will be simply too emotional and poignant for a practical Gemini, quotes Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Cancer with Gemini

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna suggests that Gemini would never be ready to commit his or her love as he is simply not made of such matter. The Cancer's self-confidence in his own love will not match appropriately with changeable Gemini. The pleasure seeking Gemini will treat his romantic partner just like his other acquaintance. Cancer will demand undisturbed attention of loyalty from Gemini which Gemini will never ever commit to. The unguided flirtatiousness of the Gemini will give sleepless nights to Cancer. Cancer will love to stay at home to spend his romantic evening. Cancer will follow his love interest single-mindedly and emotionally, says Astrosapna. Gemini’s relentless restlessness will irk Cancer a great deal.

Matrimonial Compatibility 

Astrosapna is of opinion that the marriage of Gemini and Cancer will be association of two different talents that are difficult to be performing on one single platform. On second thoughts, if the two natives coordinate their different temperaments, they can be such couples who will fit into each other’s personalities like jig saw puzzle. Cancer would want to enjoy marital bliss with emotional connection and connect to his Gemini counterpart with feelings. Gemini will exude immense cerebral attitude and perception into his/her marriage. Cancer, if doesn’t reciprocate, will be taken in, as if, denying Gemini’s rational value, suggests Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Cancer with Gemini

Astrosapna is of opinion that while Cancer will believe in hard core action while a Gemini will first work through words and then actually start work. While working together, Cancer will stay amused due to witty and humorous nature of Gemini. All the dealings and professional ventures will be perceived by Cancer with great stability and depth. Sometimes there might be ego clashes due to dominating and know-all attitude of Gemini but Cancer will come out of his mood swings quite off and on. There would be plenty of action at the workplace due to Gemini’s enthusiasm and energy, says Astrosapna.

Sexual Compatibility Of Cancer with Gemini

Astrosapna says that this astrological match does not have much in common with one another. They have their own approach towards sexual compatibility. A Cancer believes in action while a Gemini believes in mere words. Sometimes the flirtatious nature or casual approach towards physical aspect, of Gemini may make Cancer feel jealous and insecure. A Cancer will be lured by the enthusiasm and energy of a Gemini. On the other hand Cancer’s charisma and sensitive manners will charm a Gemini. But as the relationship develops more and more differences will start cropping up. Cancer’s suspicious nature may make Gemini accused of being interested in others, thus harming their sexual compatibility, quotes Astrosapna. Gemini needs to control flirtatious nature and give love and support to Cancer.

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