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Cancer - Aquarius Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Cancer with Aquarius

Astrosapna says that Aquarius will have an understanding of everything under the sun except the emotional and sentimental needs of Cancer. There won’t be many emotions in the emotional compatibility. This chemistry will not last very long. Cancer would crave for cuddling and snuggling all the time but Aquarius will have his feelings elevated on to the level of friendship or intellectual level. Aquarius will always be gasping for the breath of fresh air in terms of independence. Cancer will be warm, friendly and open-minded person whereas Aquarius will be cool and not very open. Cancer will be highly emotional and Aquarius will have intellect work for him, quotes Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Cancer with Aquarius

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna says that Aquarius, when in love, will share the romantic saga with almost one and all. But Cancer will remain satisfied by just being himself and by introspecting his/her romance within his own mind and soul. Cancer will pursue the romance and romantic outings with a conventional and traditional taste. Aquarius will be simply opposite. The Cancer's emotional needs will often ask for dose of love and affection. There are numerous odds against this romantic compatibility combination. The only way to overcome all odds is to be compliant towards needs and emotions of one another, quotes Astrosapna.
Matrimonial Compatibility 

The marriage of Cancer and Aquarius will help them in an excited exploration and have lots of exhilarating adventures. Astrosapna says that only if Aquarius settles down his tantalizing vibrations to soothe his/her soul, this marriage will be pulled across beautifully. But one problem will always persist. While Cancer will be vouching for deep and unshakable family relationships, Aquarius will aspire for freedom. If not very scintillating, at least there will be few fireworks every now and then. Variations in the thought processes of both the natives can eventual transform the initial excitement exhaustion and exasperation, quotes Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Cancer with Aquarius

Money will play a definite part in this compatibility with a strange and mysterious aura around it. Cancer will trust and confide in Aquarius concerning all money matters. Aquarius stimulates Cancer’s interest in Business and finances. Astrosapna says that Cancer will want security and will be receptive to all professional ideas supplied by Aquarius. Aquarius will highlight professional acumen of this association. Partnership between Cancer and Aquarius will prove to be profitable. This professional combination will be mutually profitable, suggests Astrosapna.

Sexual Compatibility Of Cancer with Aquarius

The sensitive Cancer will not be able to hold on to the stubborn Aquarius in the matters of physical and sexual chemistry. Since Cancer looks for security and warmth, Aquarius will often feel uncomfortable in mutual presence. Astrosapna suggests that, in their pursuit to explore new physical perceptions, they would detach themselves from one another even during intimate moments. This match cannot be called as the most appropriate as Cancer are too emotional to compliment realistic and indecisive Aquarius. This difference would reflect prominently in their sexual life. A very contradictory trait of Aquarius is that they love living in isolation. Aquarius would seek for the mate who is jovial and not clingy, like a Cancer. The relationship may not enjoy the high spirits of passionate relationship life as the Aquarius is somewhat different from a Cancer, suggests Astrosapna.

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