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India vs Pakistan seen through Vedic Astrology

India vs Pakistan seen through Vedic Astrology

With the buildup happening between India and Pakistan let’s see what the charts say.

India is Taurus lagana moon sign cancer nakshatra pushya. Astrosapna feels afters seeing the Indian horoscope that moon is of pushya lagna. Pushya nakshatra is ruled by Saturn, Saturn is also running in india sub sub period shows this is actually a good period and when ever Saturn comes in the dasha for India it will be beneficial for us will increase our luck and also help in winning over our enemies. Five planets in the Indian horoscope are in the 3rd house shows problem with neighbors. We are having kaal sarp yog at the time of independence and also this condition is prevailing in transit also a coincidence which is actually beneficial for INDIA, some hurdles might come but we will come out stronger. India also must have started taking strong decisions after 16th September 2016.

As per Pakistan horoscope they are Aires lagna, moon sign is cancer and nakshatra pushya. Five planets are in its fourth house goes to show internal conflicts will always be there. After 28th September time is not conducive for Pakistan. If they don’t tend cautiously they might get harmed. If Pakistan goes in for a war with India after 16 OCTOBER 2016 it will be wiped out of existence. This time for Pakistan is running up to December 2016.

So this time is a good time for India to make some decisive and constructive steps for the future of our country and get maximum results out of this period.


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