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Shradh 2015 dates - Pitru Paksh 2015

  Pitru paksh also known as shradh is from 28th September 2015 to 12th October 2015.

As per Indian Vedic Astrology and Hindu tradition it is a sacred month to pay homage to the departed souls of near and dear ones by offering them food. They say during these days the souls of the departed visit earth so it’s the best time to show your gratitude by offering them food. As per Astrology this is also the best time to pray and get rid of pitra dosha if it is present in your Horoscope special pooja are done.

September 28 Monday 

        Purnima Sharadh    

On this day tarpan is performed for those who passed away on purnima.


September 28 Monday

Pratipada Sharad or first Sharadh  

Those who passed away on this tithi.



September 29 Tuesday             

Dwaitiya Sharadh or Dooj Sharadh

        Tarpan for those who passed away on Dwitiya tithi.


September 30 Wednesday  

Tritiya Sharadh or Teej Sharadh          

This is a day when tarpan performed for those who departed from earth on Tritiya Tithi.


October 1st Thursday   

Chatuthi Sharadh  or Forth Sharadh      

               Tarpan is performed for those who passed away on Chaturthi tithi.

October 2nd Friday                   

Panchami Sharadh or Mahabh

    This is a day for those who dies on panchami tithi. This is known as mahabharni sharadh because this is a time when bharni nakshatra is prevailing on chaturthi or panchami tithi.


October 3rd Saturday             

   Shashti Sharad  or Chatth Sharadh

Tarpan is for those who passed away on the sixth day of sharadh means shashti sharadh.


October 4th Sunday             

Saptami tithi or Eleventh Sharadh         

For those who passed away on Saptami tithi.


October 5th Monday            

Ashtami Sharadh  or Eigth Sharadh  

Tarpan is perfomed for the pitra who passed away on this tithi.



October 6th Tuesday            

Navami Sharadh or Matra Navami        

This is day for those who passed away but on this day tarpan and pinddaan takes place for specially mothers that’s why it is known as matra navami.


October 7th Wednesday     

Dashami Sharadh or Tenth Sharadh     

Those who passed away on tenth tithi.


October 8th Thursday          

Ekadashi Sharadh or Gayaras Sharadh

Tarpan performed for who leave us on the eleventh tithi.


October 9th Friday    

dwadashi sharadh or baras sharadh        

This is a day for sanyasi or for those who left the house and took sanyas. That’s why this tithi is known as baras sharadh.


October 10th satuarday   

Teriyodasi Sharadh or Magha Sharadh   

This is a day for the peace of dead children. This is also known as Magha Sharadh because Magha constellation prevails on this day.


October 11th Sunday    

Chaturdashi Sharadh or  Chaudas Sharadh  

This is also a Sharadh for those who died unnatural death like suicide, accident and murder.



October 12th Monday 

Amavasya Sharadh or Sarvapitru Moksha Sharadh  


This tithi is performed for all the ancestors. This is a day when you can perform terpan for all the pitra.



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