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Karva Chauth 2015, Karva Chauth Pooja Timing on 30 October 2015

Karva  Chauth On 30th October 2015

Date 30/10/2015

 Pooja Time: 17:33 to 18:52

Moon rise    20:26

Karva  chauth is falling on 30th October 2015 in this year. Karva chauth is celebrated specially in north India by married women. It happens on the fourth day on the dark moon in kartik (oct-nov).There are several stories related to karva chauth that why this day is celebrated in north India. Its significance, like the story of queen veeravati, the legend of mahabharat, the story of satyavan and savitri, the legend of karva.

As the name signifies karva meaning clay pot and Chauth signify the fourth day of kartik month. This festival is commemorated on the fourth day after the full moon in kartik month of the Hindu calendar. Women keep fast for the will being and long life for the husbands. By this way the wife shows unflagging loyalty towards their husbands. It is a great festival sacred to celebrate and cherish the beautiful moments of their relationships with color of love and devotion. The wife on her part observe fast signifying that she can take hardship for her husband and the husband reciprocate with love gifts affection and appreciation for her loving wife.

Mehandi is considered and auspicious symbol for married women and this karva chauth celebration it become integral part of the ritual. One day before the fast you can see all women getting mehandi applied on their hands. The day starts for the ladies at around four am on the day of karva chauth by taking sargi which is given to them by their mother in law. This is the time when they start their fast, eat and drink water before the sun rise. During the day they keep the fast in which they don’t eat or drink anything including water also, this is the solidarity shown by women towards their husbands.

In the evening the women get dressed makeup and get together in groups to perform the pooja during the mahurat time where they do pooja and recite the katha of karva chauth vrat.

In the evening is the time to break the fast this is the most difficult time as everyone is waiting for moon rise so they can break there fast. With the moon rise as soon as the moon becomes visible the women go outside or roof top where ever the moon is visible along with their husbands to see the moon with chanani or see the reflection of moon on a water filled vessel first they see the moon and in the same way see their husbands after seeing the moon. They pray for long life and togetherness with their husbands. Now is the time to break the fast where the husbands offer a sip of water and sweet to their wife’s from the pooja thali so they can break there fast. Now they can have have regular food as the fast is over.


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Karva Chauth 2015, Karva Chauth Pooja Timing on 30 October 2015

Karva  Chauth On 30th October 2015 Date 30/10/2015  Pooja Time: 17:33 to 18:52 Moon rise   ...


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