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As the story of Universe is on a roll, Jupiter transits Leo this year.  Jupiter, who is also known as Guru or Brihaspati, is a representer of higher knowledge, spirituality, religion, children and knowledge of shastras and astrology. Its color is Yellow and metal Gold.
According to our Vedic Astrology, which is deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition, Jupiter is one of the auspicious planet. It stays for about one year in a particular sun sign, and then moves to another. This year it stays in Leo from July 14, 2015 till August 11, 2016.
Such a transit brings effects on all the sun signs that may vary from one another. As our Astrologers predict, Jupiter’s transit brings merry and can prove to bring good results for every zodiac sign. You can also get personalised jupiter transit report hand written by our astrologers click this.
Jupiter’s transit brings good news for students; bringing improvement in grades and announcing good time for studies. Youngsters, who are looking for grace in jobs, will hear something pleasant and business professionals will have monetary gains.   Married couples can expect to be blessed with a new member. People with this sun sign will engage themselves with some auspicious event that will bring fruitful outcomes.
Tip:  Donations in form of cash or kind in temple will bring benefits in business.
Good news for you folks. Time and luck are in your favor, so the ones who are planning to switch their current jobs may get in luck. People associated with this sun sign will reserve a higher social status bringing good contacts. This year, you may also plan to invest in property and buy a big car that adds to your prestige. Domestic peace will be maintained and smiles will be scatters throughout. 
Tip: Donate white Lentils in a temple.
People with this sun sign will encounter a stream of confidence that may help them aim for higher education. The ones into business will expand their social circle and secure a good reputation in the society. You will experience financial gains through your friends. Bachelors in the town, it’s time for you to find your match. Also, in the coming months short religious trips can be planned with family.
Tip: Donate sweets and fruits to young girls and worship goddess Durga.
Cancer :
This transit brings favorable news for the cancer natives.  The ones into business, it's time for you to be in the spotlight.  You will enjoy a higher social position and will spend lavishly on your family's needs. To earn brownie points, this transit will free your from your opponents and competitors.  Also, in the Coming months you will hear cries of new born.  Some holy practices are likely to be organized.  The love birds out there, you will have a wonderful time, leaving sweet memories with you forever. 
Tip: Donate yellow attires to a priest. 
A stream of confidence, harmony and peace rushes in you as this transit takes place. You will witness a "can do it" attitude and peace and smiles will be all around you.  Your personal matters may tend to improve and philosophy makes a room in your thoughts and words.  Pleasantly, your chances of earning a promotion or an increment in salary are foreseen with establishing contacts with higher officials. Any auspicious activity will double up the good times.
Tip: Feed the holy cow. Spending quality time with alienated will prove to be good.
As per your horoscope, it's time for you to stay calm, and use brains.  You might feel a little insecure and may involve yourself in disputes,but have faith in God and everything will be fixed.  Be aware of all your enemies and think twice before making any financial decisions. 
Tip: Offer your services to Gurus/saints or priest.

According to the predictions for the natives of this sun sign, you will be in benefit with this transit. If you are planning to put in your best for some competitions, success is assured.  Also, enthusiasm and philosophy will flow in your blood. The ones who are working, your job will bring you an increment in your salary.  Friends and family will remain supportive and you might indulge in some spiritual or religious practices.
Tip: You are advised to water peepal trees on a regular basis.

As suggested by your horoscope, this year will sound pleasant.  This is the year of growth. You will achieve success in matters related to business or jobs.  Office tours or business trips are likely to take place and your work load may increase, bringing you profits. Everyone will live in Concord at home. 
Tip: tasks involve charity will bring good results for you.
Sagittarius :

This transit is the key to unlock your luck. You will experience energy and confidence that will reflect in your personality. You will honored at your workplace and may come across a saintly person as foreseen by our astrologers. Personal life will be soothing. A religious trip to any distant place can be planned. 
Tip: Stay away from alcohol and meat. Pay respect to Gurus and teachers.
Capricorn :

As predicted by our astrologers, this transit will adversely affect your health.  Along with it, if you are planning to invest, put your thoughts on hold as this is not the suitable time for it.  Be wise and don't fall in traps of the ones who are using sugar coated words to impress you. Before taking any step, be assured and have faith in yourself and God, for all will be good very soon. 
Tip: Do charity, and donate eatables in temples.
Aquarius :

Well, good knows for the natives of this Zodiac sign. All the young fellows’ eligible for marriage, it's time for your wedding bells to ring.  And the married mates in town, your life will be pleasant.  The ones who were hooked up with legal matters, this transit will bring you relief. You will get rest in society and families will be happy. 
Tip: Worship Lord Shiva/Vishnu for the best results.
Pieces :

You will have a mixed bag of outcomes. Students will have a good time for concentration and results will bring fruitful outcomes. The ones who are trying to get close to you, beware of them and don't trust them for its a trap.  Try and stay away from the controversial matters and observe the matter patiently. If you are planning to get into any legal matter, it's the right time to resolve them.  Boost your confidence and have faith in God.
Tip: Donate yellow clothes and sweets to the priest. 
After reading predictions by our astrologers, you must follow the advised tips for benefits. These predictions were made by years of experienced astrologers, who study the nature of planets, Nakshatras, houses and produce conclusions that are suitable for you according to your Zodiac sign.

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