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Aries - Virgo Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Aries with Virgo

Astrosapna says that the combination of exaltation planets of Sun and Mercury indicates the masculinity of Aries sign and feminine nature of Virgo sign. Hence Virgo will possess all the inclinations to be emotionally pampered before a relationship commences. The dup will have to be experimentative to keep their emotional compatibility ‘on the track’. But one common trait between them is frankness. This virtue can act as emotional binding factor between the two. This can also impart a great deal of respect for each other in their life. Both Aries and Virgo will have to make extra effort to identify the strong points of each other for a wonderful emotional match, quotes Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Aries with Virgo

Love Compatibility

Astrosapna says that the daring and adventurous Aries will ruse the romantic thoughts of Virgo who is primarily shy and reserved. Their different romantic and love preferences will require careful maneuvering and manipulations. While Aries’ passions are going to be madcap and crazy, Virgo's romanticism will be mysterious and will take time to come to the forefront. On the other hand Virgo is going to be finicky. There will also be ego clashes as both Aries and Virgo will want to drive each other. Astrosapna says that the natal charts of both Aries and Virgo indicate that both the signs will have to put in great effort to work out their romantic rendezvous together.

Marital Compatibility 

Astrosapna says that the marital combination of an Aries and a Virgo will work for each other and could be very successful. Virgo will love to be pampered and supported. And Aries will love to sweep off the feet of a Virgo. The marital compatibility of Aries and Virgo can be described as complex but lets not be too hypercritical about it. There will also be wonderful compatibility regarding cooperation and collaboration in household work. But at times Aries might feel too headstrong to be confined by the ways of Virgo and his strict regimen. There will also be minor or major marital discord but Aries talks his or her way out. Virgo will quite often find menial faults and try to put all things in an orderly way, quotes Astrosapna.

Career Compatibility Of Aries with Virgo

Astrosapna says that the cool and critical demeanor of a professional Virgo is a slightly mismatch for hasty and swift Aries. Several professional decisions taken by a Virgo can rather irk Aries due to their mutual mismatch. But, if handled judiciously, the fast and quick business deal and decisions can impress a Virgo thus throwing him into an absolute amazement. Virgo will find this rash decision making and other professional activities very tizzy and out of world. He might disagree but will positively be overwhelmed primarily. Astrosapna says that so the professional compatibility can be rated slightly off-beat and tough. Just be brave and think hard before you plunge into this combination.

Sexual Compatibility Of Aries with Virgo

Both the natives will communicate well and understand each other. Aries will simply adore intelligence of Virgo. Virgo will always want to seduce Aries for the sake of sexual rendezvous. Astrosapna is of opinion that Virgo’s sexual and romantic compatibility with Aries will be volcanic. This is especially good combination for sex and love. Aries must not be conservative in physical matters else there will be a price to pay. Virgo will want to keep Aries grounded and both will be happy. The attraction between them will be strong enough to survive any emotional storms. There is one advice for them that they should give each other space. The relationship of Aries and Virgo will get better gradually over time, foretells Astrosapna. The potential for sex is very good for both these natives.

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