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Aquarius - Aquarius Compatibility

General Compatibility Of Aquarius with Aquarius

Astrosapna says that both of these signs will vie to be in the middle of the centre stage. This emotional compatibility brings in plenty of drama and delight too. The only thing they have to take care of is to abstain from dominating one another. If both the natives behave well with each other, this can really be a magnificent match. The combination of two Aquarius will bring out the best and brightest in each other. Since both are energetic, glamorous thus they will have an optimistic and upbeat outlook on life. There will also be plenty of drama between them. Their life is going to be truly adventurous. Their emotional chemistry is going to be amazing, quotes Astrosapna.

Love Compatibility Of Aquarius with Aquarius

Love Compatibility

The romantic compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius is going to be upbeat and promising. Both the Aquarius natives will be extremely romantic and physically compatible. Astrosapna says that they will be head over heel in love with each other thus enjoying every bit of their company. There is fair amount of ego and self-obsession in each of them. They should also keep a check on the level of their physical intimacy as overindulgence can cause diversion in their relationship that might be without love. They will also be in awe of each other. Both the natives should allow one another to outshine each other and sometimes share the light to make their relationship more bonded and connected, quotes Astrosapna.

Marital Compatibility 

The marital compatibility between Aquarius and Aquarius will often bring in myriad aspects of the domestic life, suggests Astrosapna. Both being egoistic and self-indulgent, will often wonder that who is going to rule the other one and how. Thus there will be often blowouts and heated interaction between the two. The prime contention will always be within the Aquarius couple that who will dominate who. They must learn and implement that a marriage is all about give & take and compromise will be the key to success of their relationship. Astrosapna predicts that one of the most important driving forces in this marriage is the need to be the recognition of their individual effort.

Career Compatibility Of Aquarius with Aquarius

The basic temperament of Aquarius is to be warm, eloquent, romantic and passionate. All these traits are going to be present in the professional compatibility of both the Aquarius partners, suggests Astrosapna. Their mutual liking and passionate nature will help them in their professional liaison also. They will share a good compatibility. Although Aquarius sign is a self-centered sign, the professional compatibility will not be that bad. At work place, both of them would want to be the center of attraction and will also want to dominate each other. The professional compatibility of Aquarius-Aquarius match will either result in a great success or a disaster because of their diverse nature. This business association will not work well if any one of them tries to dominate the other, says Astrosapna.

Sexual Compatibility Of Aquarius with Aquarius

The sensitive Aquarius will not be able to hold on to the stubborn Aquarius in the matters of physical and sexual chemistry. Since Aquarius looks for security and warmth, Aquarius will often feel uncomfortable in mutual presence. Astrosapna suggests that, in their pursuit to explore new physical perceptions, they would detach themselves from one another even during intimate moments. This match cannot be called as the most appropriate as Aquarius are too emotional to compliment realistic and indecisive Aquarius. This difference would reflect prominently in their sexual life. A very contradictory trait of Aquarius is that they love living in isolation. Aquarius would seek for the mate who is jovial and not clingy, like a Aquarius. The relationship may not enjoy the high spirits of passionate relationship life as the Aquarius is somewhat different from an Aquarius, suggests Astrosapna.

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